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Business Formation in Florida is a decision that should not be taken lightly. We can help you choose the correct type of business entity. Today with so many options available in terms of business formation, it is more important than ever to choose the correct Florida business entity and more importantly make sure that the entity is formed correctly and that the owners understand their responsibilities to maintain the protections that are available to them. A properly formed Florida entity can offer very real benefits provided they fit your personal situation. But, an error in choosing your business structure can yield years of lost savings, unnecessary compliance burdens and restrictions in growth and flexibility. You definitely don’t want to turn around in five years and realize that a change of business structure is absolutely necessary in order to reach your business goals.

It is important for us to understand you personal situation, risks, and desires to evaluate the tax implications, liability issues, asset protection, and management structure that is optimal for your business success. We will help you evaluate and choose from the following Florida Business Entities: Florida Sole Proprietorship - Florida General Partnership - Florida Limited Partnership - Florida Family Limited Partnership - Florida C-Corporation -  Florida Subchapter S-Corporation - Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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Once an entity choice has been made, each has its own requirements for planning, structure and relationships. An agreement will be created to define the relationship between the members, managers, partners, and shareholders. If you do not have an agreement there are default provisions in the Florida Statutes, but these provisions will usually not match the needs of the business owners or managers. Beyond the choice of structure and the legal documents necessary to create it, our staff will assist you with completing federal, state, county and municipal requirements to put your new business in full compliance with their various laws.

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