Contract Law Attorneys in Orlando

Barrister Law Firm, P.A. can assist you with Florida contract drafting. Any business selling goods or providing services should reduce any agreements with their customers to writing. While verbal agreements may be enforced in certain situations, a written contract is superior and preferred. In the end it is much easier to prove the terms of your agreement when it is in writing compared to that of a verbal contract. A good contract will set forth all the terms and conditions for the sale or provision of services so that there can be no disagreement as to what is to be provided, when it is to be provided, and how much it will cost. A well written contract should give credibility to your business, provide remedies if a dispute should arise and hopefully reduce customer problems and collection cases. As a word of caution, be very careful when using legal forms you find in an office supply store or on the Internet as they might not always be the right form for you. Generic printed forms often lack very important terms and conditions that you may need. It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a legal professional when drafting your contracts. Since a contract will form the backbone of your business, you should not leave the contract up to chance or cut corners when creating the same.

We can help you with the drafting of purchase and sales contracts, service contracts, shareholder agreements, employment contracts, real estate contracts, non-compete agreements, and settlement or payment plan deals. We can draft your agreement entirely from scratch or modify an existing contract. Existing agreements can be reviewed, updated and revised. In drafting your contract, we will meet with you to assess your needs and to understand your transaction. Thereafter Barrister Law will draft a contract tailored to your specific requirements. Since nothing can really be done to prevent a breach, one major goal is to appropriately plan for that contingency so your rights are protected and to maximize your remedies.

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