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Barrister Law Firm, P.A. specializes in criminal defense, family law, probate matters and civil litigation. The firm litigates criminal and civil matters, in both State and Federal court, for clients throughout Florida. We pride ourselves on our personal, compassionate and intimate approach to handling cases.

It is imperative to engage an experienced and capable law firm to safeguard, protect and preserve your rights. Our painstaking attention to detail sets us apart from our peers and uniquely positions us to successfully tackle a diverse array of challenging cases. We demand the best and do not yield until we have met or exceeded our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to success has earned us a distinguished name in the legal community.

There is a great deal of room in the legal field for strategy, ingenuity, and unconventional thinking. In protecting our clients’ interests, we consider every possible angle, offering creative solutions that the opposing party may not expect and delivering results through innovative legal strategies. Our drive for excellence and client satisfaction has earned us a status as unrelenting legal advocates.

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Recent News

March 15, 2014 |

Tiger Woods Loses Florida Autograph Case

In a lawsuit that has (ridiculously) dragged on for over 10 years, Tiger Woods company ETW, Inc was found liable...

March 12, 2014 |

Republicans Conquer in Florida Special Election

Special interest groups played an important role in ensuring that Republican David Jolly won the Tuesday special...

March 10, 2014 |

Teens Planned to Kill Her Parents in Ocala

A teenage couple is accused of plotting to murder the parents of the 13-year old girl in Marion County over the...

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