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Do you find yourself asking questions like these: What can I do to save my home? Does it help to hire an attorney, and if so, who? If you have recently lost income or are running out of time to act, these questions should not be taken lightly. Barrister Law Firm is here to help you understand the foreclosure process. Our aggressive and dedicated attorneys will show you what separates us from other foreclosure defense firms. Many foreclosure cases do not need legal representation. We are not going to take every case. If hiring an attorney is unnecessary, we will inform you. We take on cases throughout the state of Florida. Out-of-state attorneys are unable to fight for you in court. They will not be able to prevent foreclosure once a lawsuit is filed. Make sure you hire an experienced Florida attorney. If you have questions about your impending situation, call for your free consultation. Our dedicated attorneys are ready to help.

Areas of Assitance
Loan Modification
Short Sale Assistance
Deed in Lieu
Foreclosure Defense Litigation
Investment Properties
Negotiation and Settlement (including waivers of deficiency)
1st and 2nd mortgage litigation
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Stop My Foreclosure – Lower My Payment – Save My Home
Your goals are our goals. Remember, time is not on your side. You want to take a proactive approach when understanding your options and considerations. Whether you are trying to sell or keep the property, you have options. Our attorneys provide a legal strategy in an effort to help. Here are some of your options: Loan Modification: Designed to make your payments more affordable. This typically results in a lower interest rate and/or an extended term. In some cases, it may even reduce the principal. Short Sale: The property is sold for less than what you owe. The bank agrees to discount the balance due to an economic hardship on your behalf. There can be an impact to your credit report, but it is better than having a complete foreclosure on your report. Deed in Lieu: This is a solution where you agree to sign the property back to the lender. The lender then agrees to cancel the loan. It is very important that the lender agrees to forgive any possible deficiency owed. We are here to help negotiate the best terms and options.

Is Strategic Default Right For You?
Feeling trapped in your mortgage? If you owe more money than your property is worth, you are not alone. Many Americans find themselves in this situation. If you want a fresh start and wish you could just walk away from your mortgage, you can. This is called a Strategic Default. No homeowner wants to find themselves in default of a home loan. If you miss a few payments and get stuck behind on your mortgage, you are in danger of defaulting on your loan and possibly losing your home to foreclosure. A strategic default can be the appropriate choice, if you are aware of the risks and benefits. If you wish to simply walk away from the mortgage, or you are tired of paying more than the home is worth, this may be an appealing option. An experienced attorney will discuss your options and considerations in great detail. The only way to find out if this is indeed your best option is to pick up the phone and discuss your situation with our legal support team. There are both benefits and risks associated with a strategic default, it is important that you speak to a legal professional.

What We Can Offer
Many lawyers make promises. Homeowners who hire the appropriate defense attorney can fight the lenders, and win! Our attorneys take pride in the results of your case. Pick up the phone and see what Barrister Law Firm can do for you.